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Rubbedin's Spa Bath Magic is an essential spa bath cleaner. It is a wide spectrum anti-micobial product. It is formulated to effectively and hygienically clean the entire surface and pump system of spa baths, hydrotherapy baths, whirlpool baths and even pedicure spas and beauty salon vichy shower sysytems. In some Australian States, the hospitality industry has to ensure that spa baths are cleaned after every use and after every room stay. The use of Spa Bath Magic breaks downs and dislodges body fats, hair, organic matter and biological waste from the pump system and eliminates the harmful bacterial PSEUDOMONAS AERUGINOSA and STAPHLYCOCUS, a major cause of infection from 'DIRTY' spa baths. It also polishes the acrylic surface and unlike other systems, Spa Bath Magic will not tarnish gold or chrome plated jets. Spa Bath Magic can also be used as a hygienic multi purpose cleaner which is also suitable for Dishwashers and Spa Pools. Spa Bath Magic is a non hazardous, non toxic, biodegradable, chlorine free Spa Bath cleaner. It is also Septic and Grey Water safe.

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