At Cleaners Warehouse we are firm believers in our obligation to service what we sell.

After all, what may seem a bargain at first becomes very expensive if parts are unobtainable or servicing costs too high to make repairs feasible.

Spare parts are carried for all the machines we sell and if not in stock we can usually obtain the part within a day or two.

We believe in being totally upfront regarding repair costs. For example if you purchase a vacuum cleaner from us - we can assure you that when the motor eventually wears out (as they all do) you will probably pay no more than around $120  for a new motor ( Backpacks and small Vacuums) plus a labour charge to fit the motor .

Not only are our charges fair and reasonable, we pride ourselves in a quick turnaround.

Quotes carry no obligation, so why not give us a try and find out what real service is all about.


Work Cover now require all electrical equipment to be regularly tested.

We have qualified technicians to carry out this work.

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Cleaners Warehouse offers a range of rental machinery for Commercial and Domestic use.


Carpet Extracters

Carpet Extracters

$49.50 per 24 hours

$75.00 weekend rate


Floor Polishers

Floor Polishers

$38.50 per 24 hours

$60.00 weekend rate




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