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Experience cleaning like never before with MotorScrubber's latest creation, the SHOCK orbital cleaning machine. It boasts the world's most low-profile oscillating cleaning head, revolutionizing the way you achieve a thorough clean across various surfaces, from floors to edges, baseboards, stairs, risers, and even tight spaces beneath obstacles. This cutting-edge technology offers higher power with its precision oscillation, effectively agitating and eliminating deeply ingrained dirt and grime from both small and medium surface areas. Key Features of the MotorScrubber SHOCK Orbital Cleaning Machine Eco-Friendly Cleaning: MotorScrubber's new industrial-grade oscillating cleaner minimizes water usage while delivering powerful agitation, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals. Slimline Design: Boasting the world's lowest profile floor scrubber, its slim, rectangular shape enables you to access tight corners and easily flips vertically for efficient baseboard and stair cleaning. Lightweight Powerhouse: This cleaning machine operates at a rapid 5000 revolutions per minute (rpm), ensuring fast and high-performance cleaning. Built to Last: Crafted with heavy-duty, precision-engineered components, a stainless steel chassis, and an aluminum oscillating drive plate, the MotorScrubber SHOCK is designed for durability. Innovative Glide Wheels: Featuring patented wall protection glide wheels with impact defense technology, it allows you to clean along edges and reach every nook and cranny. Advanced Oscillation: The optimized scrubbing circle, combined with cutting-edge cleaning pad technology, targets fine dirt and debris deeply embedded in various floor types. Versatile Cleaning Modes: Choose between heavyweight and lightweight modes. Add the weight kit for increased downforce, perfect for thorough cleaning along floors, edges, and into corners. Multi-Surface Cleaning: Effortlessly clean a wide range of floor types, including carpet, concrete, epoxy, hardwood, laminate, marble, metal, stone, terrazzo, tile & grout, and vinyl, all with a single machine.

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