Motorscrubber STORM- The Disinfectant Sprayer

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Eradicate Viruses Anytime, Anywhere with STORM and MotorScrubber Backpack Technology STORM, powered by the cutting-edge MotorScrubber Backpack Technology, empowers you to disinfect and combat viruses on the move. Swiftly eliminate contamination on common touchpoints, reducing the risk of cross-infection in your environment. The era of COVID-19's domination has lasted far too long; it's time to shift from a reactive approach to a proactive stance in virus control. Precise Liquid Application: STORM features a Targeted Liquid Layer mechanism that allows you to spray disinfectant on demand. You can use STORM with any disinfectant, ensuring even and thorough coverage. Plus, the quick-change nozzle simplifies cleaning and maintenance after each use. User-Friendly Design: The STORM wand is remarkably lightweight, weighing just 0.3kg. This super-light design ensures fatigue-free use for extended periods. Effortless Surface Disinfection: With STORM's convenient spray-on-demand feature, simply press and go, effectively disinfecting frequently touched surfaces. STORM is designed as an attachment for the Jet3 Motor Scrubber, providing an integrated and comprehensive solution for your cleaning and disinfection needs.

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