Performance is Paramount

G.E.A.L company of Italy, one of the world’s leaders in the preservation and conservation of building surfaces have developed Barrier 2- Terracotta, to overcome the major staining and appearance problems associated with these flooring surfaces when used indoors and outdoors

Barrier 2- Terracotta

  • Prevents the penetration of greasy and oil based spills.
  • Locks out the ravaging effects of water-based food and drink spills.
  • Assists in the prevention of white surface efflorescence.
  • Water repellent action helps prevent the formation of surface moulds and mildew stains.
  • Helps prevent general soiling and retain like new appearance (Light duty detergent is all that is required to keep surface clean).
  • Powerful rising damp activity helps prevent this problem in all but the most serious cases (it is not a waterproofing agent).
  • Subsurface treatment - does not alter the surface coefficient of friction.
  • Enhances the original colour richness without adding synthetic gloss or oily appearance.
  • Doesn’t alter the breathability of the surface (transpiration)

Works on other problem surfaces

Porous brick or cement based pavers, cast stone (imitation sandstone), unglazed quarry tiles as well as heavily worn porcelain tiles, all will benefit from the application of Barrier 2-Terracotta.

When two coats are applied all surfaces will be left with a deep acting, anti stain, water-repellent and anti efflorescence treatment.

Indoor Applications

Barrier 2-Terracotta is a superb treatment indoors on its own, however, some prefer a high finish. To increase the gloss as well as to enhance the wearability of the tile flooring a surface acrylic topcoat may be applied. Choose from BLOCKADE or BEDROCK.

(BLOCKADE has the highest performance). If surface is to be burnished with a high-speed machine MARBLETECH must be applied as the finish coat.

The Italian Look

In Italy the traditional method of treating Terracotta indoors is to apply a wax emulsion system that gives a semigloss finish. Use Base and Woplus for this purpose after the Barrier 2-Terracotta has dried (4 hours).

How Often is Recoating Required

Barrier 2-Terracotta is extremely resistant to neutral cleaning agents and aggressive alkaline cleaners. When used outdoors the treatment is gradually washed out by rain and traffic wear and will eventually require re coating. Reapply one coat of Barrier 2-Terracotta when surface has faded, this is usually between one and two years. Recoat more frequently if there has been high rainfall or ultra heavy traffic wear. If a surface does not require efflorescence treatment it may be recoated with Barrier 2-Base.

Directions for Use

Preparation of surface

Surface tiles should be clean and grit free. It is a good practice to lightly acid wash the surface prior to application. This has the two-fold affect of removing surface calcium carbonate (efflorescence) and neutralising alkalinity. Research Products phosphoric acid based bathroom cleaner detergent SPLASH at 1 to 10 parts water is the recommended product. Do not use any other acid for this purpose.

Barrier 2-Terracotta is not recommended for stone surfaces like polished granite, exfoliated granite, limestone, natural sandstone or terrazzo. Use Barrier 2-Stone for this purpose. These surfaces should never be acid washed either.


Proportional to the absorbent qualities of the surface. Normal Terracotta is approximately 8 sq metres per 1 ltr. Brick pavers approximately 5 sq metres per 1 ltr


After pre-cleaning the surface must be completely dry prior to application of the first coat.

Apply evenly to the surface using a lambswool applicator or on rough surfaces use a wide paint brush or airless spraygun.

After application to 20 sq metres, stop and wipe off excess in areas that may have not absorbed evenly. This should be done with the wrung out lambswool. If airless spraying, these must be wiped with a white towel predampened with product so as to prevent drag off and subsequent streaking.

On shiny, less porous surfaces like quarry tiles and ceramic tiles spread the product thinly with either a lambswool applicator or folded towelling cloth until you reach the maximum absorption and restoration of the original brightness of the surface.

2nd Coat (Important)

If it is necessary to apply two coats to the surface due to high porosity, this should be carried out “wet on wet”. Do not apply the second coat when the first coat is dry.

After drying

It is possible to remove any excess product which may have caused halos or dull streaks by rubbing with a non-abrasive white hand pad or a clean towel soaked in the product. If re topcoating with a water based finish allow at least 4 hours to dry.

Precautions when applying

Barrier 2-Terracotta is flammable and should be applied indoors only with good ventilation. Wear appropriate mask when using an airless spraygun. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. Keep away rom open fires and sparks. DO NOT SMOKE WHILST USING THE PRODUCT.

Refer to M.S.D.S. For safety and handling details.

Chemical Specifications

Flash Point: (ASTM D56) 32 degress

SG @ 20 Degress 934 gm / cm3

Appearance: Clear Slightly amber liquid

Odour: Methoxy Propanol

IMDG Code: 3.1

Packaging Class: III

Hazardous Code: 3

UN Number: 3092