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pH: 9.0

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All industries can think clean and green with ORANGE SOLV - here are some uses. Printing: As a general water rinsable printing room clean up solvent. As a blanket and roller cleaner. Transport: As a tar remover, as an engine degreaser, as a carbon based exhaust cleaner. Contract Cleaning: As a graffiti remover on adhesive paint and biro mark remover. It removes chewing gum, grease and tar from carpet and solvent safe surface. Laundry: Makes a superbly performing ink/grease remover on clothing. Ideal as a pre-wash spotter. Food Industry: Where baked on carbon and fat deposits defy removal with safe cleaning products. Ideal for smoke house deposits and baked on chicken fat. Motor Vehicle: Ideal de-waxer of new motor vehicles. It won't harm rubber of automotive parts. Ideal parts washer solvent, when followed by a water rinse and air blast. Petroleum Industry: There is no safer or environmentally better way of cleaning up oil or fatty deposits (when disposed of in the correct manner). Carpet Cleaning Industry: Ideal carpet spotter for tape, gum, tar, and greasy soils. On carpet should be extraction cleaned after use. Marine: Cleaning of bilges, drill rigs in fact any marine situation that requires a grease solvent.

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